In this powerful sermon, Pastor Curtis addresses the importance of watching our words and the impact they have. Drawing from the book of James, he highlights how the tongue, though small, has the power to bring life or death, blessings or curses. The sermon unpacks the problem we all face in taming our tongues, and how our words reflect the condition of our hearts. Pastor Curtis challenges the congregation to be intentional about the words they speak, recognizing the ability of the tongue to steer our lives in positive or negative directions. Practical steps are provided to help Christians grow in this area, including confessing and repenting, developing a close relationship with the Holy Spirit, and being slow to speak while choosing to speak life over others. The message encourages the audience to use their words to encourage, inspire and point people to the fullness of who God is. This impactful sermon is a must-watch for anyone desiring to honor God with their speech and have a transformative impact on those around them. Learn the power you hold in your tongue and how to steward it for God's glory.