Faith that Works

In this inspiring sermon, Pastor Curtis explores what it means to have a "faith that works" based on the teachings of the book of James. He unpacks the biblical understanding of faith as both belief and action, challenging the congregation to move beyond just intellectual assent to actually living out their faith through good works and obedience to God. Drawing from personal stories and insights from Scripture, Pastor Curtis encourages listeners to examine the reality of their own faith - is it just empty words, or is it producing tangible fruit in their lives? He emphasizes that genuine, living faith is evidenced by how we love, serve and care for others, not just by what we profess to believe. With practical application points, Pastor Curtis calls the church to ask tough questions, pray for God's empowerment, and actively work out their faith in daily life. The sermon issues a powerful challenge to move from mere "God-talk" to "God-walks" - allowing our faith to be displayed through good deeds that point others to the transforming power of the gospel. Whether you're wrestling with a stagnant faith or seeking to live out your beliefs more fully, this message offers biblical wisdom and inspiration to develop a faith that truly works. Get ready to be challenged and equipped to live out your faith in compelling ways.