Are you struggling through tough times right now? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed as problems pile up? In this message, Pastor Curtis explores how to respond well when faced with "tests" and trials in life. Drawing from James 1, he explains that rather than running from difficulties, we should view them as opportunities to grow in faith and character. God uses tests to reveal areas we need to mature in and then strengthens us through the process. You'll learn practical tips for "acing" the exams of life, including changing your perspective, seeking godly wisdom, slowing down your responses, choosing faith over doubt, and rejoicing in the growth opportunities tests provide. Regardless of what hardships you may be facing, this encouraging message offers hope. It reassures us that God is refining us through difficulties and promises to bless our endurance. You'll be empowered to face life's challenges with a renewed perspective, trusting that God is making you into the person he desires. If you're in need of encouragement for tough times, or want to learn how to view problems as a chance to grow closer to God, don't miss this message from Pastor Curtis!