Do you ever feel like your faith is being tested? Like the pressures of this world are pushing against your trust in God? In this sermon, Pastor Curtis draws from Acts 4 to encourage us that when the going gets tough, we need to get going - not in our own strength, but relying on God's power at work within us. He examines how the early church responded to persecution by coming together in prayer, asking God for boldness and miraculous signs. Through their example, we learn that difficult seasons are an opportunity to deepen our reliance on God. No matter how dark the valley, he promises to walk with us and use our lives to point others to Jesus. Drawing parallels to challenges we all face, Pastor Curtis issues a call to pray bold prayers and step out in faith, trusting that God wants to strengthen us and work through us. If we cling to his sovereignty even in hard times, he can bring us through the storm with renewed hope, joy and purpose. This message is a reminder that God hasn't finished with us yet, and wants to equip us to shine his light wherever he leads. Whether you're walking through a tough time or looking to deepen your trust, this sermon offers encouragement from God's unchanging character.