In this message, Pastor Dan Thompson concludes Pastor Curtis' series "GO" on where believers are called to take the gospel. Drawing from Jesus' Great Commission, Pastor Dan shares the "good news" of salvation through Jesus' death and resurrection. He discusses how we can fulfill Christ's command to go to Jerusalem (our local communities and families), Judea (our surrounding region), Samaria (uncomfortable places), and the ends of the earth (supporting global missions).


Though not all are called overseas, Pastor Dan encourages each believer to be missionaries right where God has placed them. He gives practical examples of ministering to neighbors, volunteering locally, caring for the lonely, and praying for the lost. Through supporting mission organizations financially, believers can also help "go" to distant nations.


After over 50 years in ministry, Pastor Dan powerfully concludes that where we "go" starts by sharing the love and hope of Christ with those closest to us. This message is a reminder that none of us are too far from those in need of the good news. Through responding to God's call no matter our circumstances, his kingdom can expand to the ends of the earth.