In this message, Pastor Curtis explores how the disciples were transformed from fearful men hiding behind locked doors to bold witnesses of Jesus after receiving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Drawing from accounts in Acts, he shows how the Holy Spirit empowered the disciples for mission and gave them courage, wisdom and power to fulfill Jesus's command to be his witnesses. Pastor Curtis explains that just as the disciples needed the Holy Spirit's empowerment, we too need His power to fulfill God's calling on our lives and overcome our weaknesses and fears. We discover that the Holy Spirit is not a luxury but a necessity for effective Christian living and service. Through engaging stories and scripture, Pastor Curtis issues a challenge - to wait upon the Lord in prayer and open ourselves to all that the Holy Spirit desires to do in and through us. Whether you need a fresh filling of the Spirit's power or have questions about His role, this message offers inspiration and insight for living empowered lives as witnesses of Christ.