When was the last time you felt stuck between prayer and breakthrough? In this message, Pastor Curtis explores the account of Jairus in Mark 5, whose daughter is gravely ill. Despite being a respected religious leader, Jairus comes to Jesus in desperation, falling at his feet for help. But just as it seems Jesus will reach Jairus' home, the journey is paused when a woman touches Jesus' cloak, believing it will heal her. Through Jairus' story, we see three truths for times when God's promises seem stalled. First, we must position ourselves at Jesus' feet, humbly acknowledging our need. Second, we must learn to trust God even in waiting, as his delays are not denials. And third, we can trust that Jesus' promises extend beyond our understanding or lifetime. No matter what gaps exist between God's promises and our experiences, we serve a resurrected Savior who still brings hope to the hopeless. This message is a powerful reminder to keep believing, even when the promise appears paused. God sees the full picture, even if we see only in part.